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08-27-2013, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Aerchon View Post
You definition of a power forward and mine are completely different. I have never heard that term used for Ryan Smyth. Gritty, hell yes, power forward, roflmao. That's terrible. Shanahan, Lucic, and Bertuzzi are examples of premier power forwards.

Ryan Smyth at his peak:

Amazing hand eye/Tipping.
Amazing at getting to lose pucks and rebounds.
Amazing heart, soul, and grit.
A below average NHL shot.
Below average NHL skating.
Below average passing. He was a puck carrier or in front of the net. Don't know where you got playmaker from Ryan Smyth. Play makers generally don't score as much or more than they get assists.

Average NHL nickname: The garbage man. Cause every goal this guy scored was pure trash. Well earned but you could count his top corners on one hand... If he even has any that is.

Ryan Smyth played great for the Oilers. Is a great player. But please, don't confuse his success with "traditional" talent.

I seen Smyth score with his @$$... Literally. Not a lot of talent on that. Right place right time and a ton of grit and heart to get to those places.
Good post. Pretty much nailed it.

Smytty is a complementary player on a scoring line. The reason he has 5 goals in his last 82 games as an Oiler is that he isn't good enough any longer to play in our top 6, so he no longer plays with good offensive players who get the puck to the net.

No shots and offensive zone possessions generated by linemates = no secondary scoring chances for a player with Smyth's toolset = Steve MacIntyre levels of goal production.

He simply isn't a bottom 6 player. Too slow to backcheck, and just gets run out of the rink trying to keep up with players like Cammalleri. He had one memorable shift against Jamie Benn last year where he just got owned repeatedly.

The idea that Smyth is a good defensive player is simply nonsense. He cost the team goals last year, and will again this year. Any good offensive player with size will simply run Smyth over and push him off. Any good offensive player with speed will turn him inside out.

He isn't going to displace Hall or Perron on this roster obviously, so playing with Hemsky against easy competition is the best place for him. They need a center for that line, and should have signed somebody with better offensive tools than Gordon to play on that line.

Lander is likely the best option to center that line, but the truth of the matter is that Smyth just doesn't fit here anymore, and should have been bought out.

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