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Originally Posted by Barbara Underhill View Post
You're entitled to your own opinion, just gotta say it's painfully ignorant.

You honestly think the entire roster is comprised of babies who cried to Sather because the big meany yelled at them?
Oy, you couldve saved yourself a lot of time and typing if you hadn't been so ignorant yourself and ran with this notion that I think the entire team is a bunch of pansies. I've said from the beginning I think it was just a handful of players that whined about mistreatment. If you ask me for a list of players who I think would perpetuate this cowardly act, Richards and Kreider would be near the top but Im just speculating.

Nobody knows if they attacked these issues head on with the coach during the season - the type of heroic stuff you mentioned in your non-sequitur story about your boss. The bottom line, for me, is it sure looks like we have a team here who refused to enact a system that worked for them in '11-12 because, well, I dont know what their reasons are which is part of the problem, but it sure looks like it stems from them thinking they're better than they actually are -- thinking that loosening the reigns will let them have fun and be a more successful hockey team. Check back with me in April, because the team will have a chance to back it up. But, right now, the reasoning looks like a crock of ****.

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