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08-27-2013, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I dunno, BRB. I can't really fault a group of players for not buying into a system that worked for a largely different team the year before. You've said it yourself; There was a ton of roster turnover last summer. The result was a roster that simply didn't fit in with the system that worked for the last group. Torts was berating players on a daily basis for not playing a system that they just weren't suited for. Does that mean there was a team in there that was going to score 4 goals a night? No it doesn't, but there was an awful lot more talent there than he was able to cultivate.

To me, the proof is really in the power play. For all of the "we lack a REAL PPQB" talk we've seen, we were able to ice a unit with quite a bit of talent that was able to do ****-all out there on a nightly basis. A coach is supposed to address weaknesses and put his team in the best position to succeed. Tortorella was unable to do that, all while wearing out his welcome with the players. I understand it was a shortened season, but he still had several months of almost daily practices to figure out a power play that worked and he failed to do it. That's on him.
If you buy into that theory, you buy into the theory that Torts was never going to change. If thats the case, then he had to go and any backstabbing, etc, takes a backseat.

I just dont buy it. The guy played an entirely different type of game in Tampa - he changed to suit the Rangers, and I think hes a bit more flexible than hes given credit for.

Anyway, we'll never know who had the major problems with Tortorella, but thats the main issue for me. Theres likely a couple of guys in the bunch that don't deserve the benefit of the doubt over Tortorella. As a GM, it'd be different hearing it from Lundqvist, Callahan, or Girardi than Richards and Kreider.

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