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08-27-2013, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Stoneman89 View Post
I know, but some on here would prefer to blame the QB and say that the coaching decisions have not been that bad.
Can we blame both??

Every game in your mind boils down to one play call, where you and your superior analysis from the couch would have nailed it

You never consider, play calling in the game as a whole, personal or execution

I to think the coaching has been poor this year; bad scheme for the personal available, little or no discipline in regards to penalties and general confusion from the sidelines in key moments

But Kerry Joseph has touched the ball 7 times in the Red Zone this year and scored twice

Were you going bat-#$#$ crazy when Josepgh flipped to MaCarty on the option for a TD against Hamilton

And again, you can't throw INT in the endzone in pro ball, terrible throw which in all likelyhood cost us the win.

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