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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
I'd like to hear the case for Crozier, because I'm just not seeing it:
Quite simply put, he was spectacular, stopping some seriously high quality shots & opportunities throughout the series. One of the best goaltending performances Ive ever seen, ranking right up there (for the era) with Sawchuks performance in 67 against Chicago in the semi's. Ya, little Roger Crozier there absolutely stood on his head. Combination Acrobat/Butterfly style, hybrid. Because he was small appeared all the more sensational. He had been Blackhawks property & played for the St.Catherines Teepees, following Glenn Halls lead in terms of style. Won a Memorial Cup in 60. Assigned to the Buffalo Bisons backing up Denis Dejordy then traded to Detroit at 22yrs of age. Suffered from pancreatitis in his 2nd year but recovered, then got injured in the following springs playoffs (cut) that limited his mobility. Suffered from ulcers as well. But yes, that first season, winning the Conn Smythe, first time ever a player on the losing side did so, very well deserved. Seriously. Right up there with Dryden in 71 etc. Amazing... and 1 vs 3 & 2 vs 4? I guess they thought that fairer huh? That anything can happen in hockey, a series. Starting with 1 vs 2 in a semi might be the real Finals right there so they broke them up. Was decidedly unbalanced & unfair when the 67/68 Expansion rolled around of course...

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