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Originally Posted by Vakar Lajos View Post
You live in Canada so that might not be a bad idea! There'd be way too much legal BS to go through if it was in the US i think. Not with your friends so much as with coaches. It's a shame, ice is so expensive in my area. $400/hr. Yep.
$400 (as I choke)! Yeah, up here its around $150 but in the small towns it can be as low as $50-100. Seeing the pictures of those rinks makes me wish that I had taken some pictures of the rinks my Dad and I built. When I was 16, I made one that was 45 ft wide by 75 ft long. I used to skip school on the really cold days so I could get 5 or 6 floods in. We also built a 15 foot wall at one end so we wouldn't lose too many pucks. My rich friend had that exact rink above with benches, lights etc. As a kid living in rural Canada, its go to school, come home and play on your rink, go to practise at the local rink, come home and skate on your rink, sleep, repeat. However, you guys down south could substitute golf for hockey and that would be awesome too!

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