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Originally Posted by HotToddy View Post
Can we blame both??

Every game in your mind boils down to one play call, where you and your superior analysis from the couch would have nailed it

You never consider, play calling in the game as a whole, personal or execution

I to think the coaching has been poor this year; bad scheme for the personal available, little or no discipline in regards to penalties and general confusion from the sidelines in key moments

But Kerry Joseph has touched the ball 7 times in the Red Zone this year and scored twice

Were you going bat-#$#$ crazy when Josepgh flipped to MaCarty on the option for a TD against Hamilton

And again, you can't throw INT in the endzone in pro ball, terrible throw which in all likelyhood cost us the win.
When you lose by a total of 12 points in 4 games, each of those likely come down to one or 2 key plays, so I'm going to stick with my theory that some if not all of those were winnable games. There may be a half decent game plan, which is the coaches responsibility, and for the most part, that seems to be coming around. I am more concerned about how Reed reacts under fire during the heat of the moment during critical situations. Far too many times this year, he has made these mistakes, then frantically tried to change them. Last year we sent out the punt team without a punter. We dressed 3 starting running backs and played one of them. Reed could not count or organize his unit under pressure during a Grey Cup game. This stuff isn't fabricated from a couch. Earlier in the year, you kept blaming it on the players only, absolving the coaches of any responsibility. Good to see you've at least changed your tune somewhat. I have never said that our personnel does not need to be upgraded/changed as well. Our defensive backfield is a mess. Our return game, outside of Cary Koch's miracle TD has been virtually non-existent. Grant Shaw cannot kick a timely field goal if his life depended on it.

And Kerry Joseph scoring while in the Red Zone twice out of 7 times should be nothing to get yourself excited about, considering all of those times likely are from inside the 4 or 5 yard lines. The last game, they had two chances with him at the controls in short yardage. The first time was the completely predictable sweep option, which seems to be the only play they have for him now. That ended in a loss, as Saskatchewan unfortunately has access to previous game film. The second time was going to be the same play by the looks of it, until the ball was fumbled, again for a loss. So, it appears everyone in league seems to have the book on this vaunted short yardage play of ours at this point.

Throwing INT's are never a good thing, but with an inexperienced, rookie QB still finding his way and getting his feet wet in this league,, sometimes you need to protect him a bit and not put every single decisive play on his arm, and let the running game play a part to help him out, especially on first down and short. And throwing in an ice cold Kerry Joseph is not the answer to that question, as is being proven time and again as the season wears on. Reed's overall coaching record is not impeccable, and in case you didn't notice, we are 1-7 this year. I think that leaves plenty of room for criticism for both hacks like me and experts alike.

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