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08-27-2013, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Ray was being ripped here when he wasn't putting pts on the board, wasn't getting the ball in the endzone and had been running a painfully conservative offense for years. One year he threw for 11 TD's in a complete season. Its unfathomable to thing how bad that is.
I wouldn't be critiquing his play if he was throwing multiple TD strikes every game and if he was playing with extreme verve and trying to carry the club.
But Ray has gone on to conclusively show that those ripping him were completely wrong in their analysis, as usual. Toronto was an average team before he got there, and he turned them into the best team in the league.

When he got hurt last week, the backup couldn't move the team over the 55 yard line for an entire half of football. Ray had been shredding the Stampeders prior to his going out of the game.

Edmonton's offensive problems were never the fault of Ray. He had one star receiver to work with during those years, a bunch of rubbish in the backfield, and a porous o-line that was useless in terms of both pass protection or establishing the run. Patrick Kabongo, who is so fat he can barely even move, was considered the best of the bunch.

Ray is having no problems moving the football in every situation with Toronto, and is pretty much a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame.

No quarterback is going to be successful playing in the situation Ray had in Edmonton, so why point the finger at Ray?

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Given what Reilly has done the last 4 games its kind of hard to see where the criticism is coming from.
I like Mike Reilly but he doesn't have the touch that Ray has on deep balls. Reilly is missing throws regularly, but considering he has one receiver, no run game, and no blocking, he is doing extremely well.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I'll point out as well the two times he turned the ball over were deep in the Rider zone, or endzone. Without a complete and utter collapse by the D neither turnover ends up costing us pts. against
Well, these turnovers took points off the board, so you really don't have much argument here.

The endzone interception was a poor throw by Reilly.

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