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08-27-2013, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Moonlapse Vertigo View Post
Despite all of their bluster about skating ability on the big ice Yzerman and his merry group of fools are going to pick a team that can't skate worth ****. I just know it. Big name recognition (RE: players on American based teams) will rule the day.
Can you justify such a statement? Please explain to me how one can label Babcock, Hitchcock, and Holland as fools. Moreover, in 2010 big name recognition was not the case. Stars like Carter, St. Louis, Stamkos, and Green were left home for better all-around players in Richards, Morrow, Marleau, Toews, and Doughty which paid off in the end. As mentioned numerous times by management, hockey smarts, the ability to play a 200 ft game, strong puck possession skills, and mobility will be the key aspects used to select players for Team Canada. The only reason most of the players will come from American teams is that is where the large majority of super star Canadian players play.

Originally Posted by blackwater View Post
Yep agree 100%. The russians and americans will skate circles around Canada, and Canada will lose.

I have a funny feeling I'm going to be super pissed off when this team is finally announced this winter.
The Russian defense and offense could not skate with Canada in 2010. The Toews line embarrassed the vaunted Ovechkin-Malkin-Semin line by back-checking them into submission and the KHL forwards were exposed for their inability to cover against the Canadian counter-attacks (primarily the Getzlaf line matched up against the Kozlov line). That being said, the Russian forwards are always going to be dangerous, but what defensemen has Russian added the past four years to prevent them from being a group of pylons again?

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