Thread: Rumor: Gagner New Captain?
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08-27-2013, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by T-Funk View Post
Has pressure ever affected Hall? Doesn't seem like it.

Smith suggesting Moreau, and Moreau suggesting Horcoff makes me think maybe we should NOT listen to Horcoff's opinion on the next captain.
I still dont think the players are the ones who decide, and i also do not think it was moreaus choice for Horc to take over. Most people knew Horc would follow Moreau. You block a puck with your face, intentionally, to win a 1 goal game? captain. you eat the most minutes? you never decline the coach when its your back he taps to get you on the ice? thats a captain. when asked why you blocked the shot with your face you answer...i lost the draw and it was the quickest body part to get in front of the shot.

players arent tards. they play for people and want teammates who are solely focussed on the long work at hand. Thats the difference between losers and winners. There is no "off time" in pro sports. you are paid to not have off time. mature...and know it. When hall takes the profession seriously and stops being a kid and bloacks a shot with his face ill nominate him...until then im sure some avenue places will be happy to have him as their celebrity captain.

as an oiler fan im disgusted at the guy.

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