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08-27-2013, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Advanced stats are ********. What they should really do is just put some transponders on the players like they do in soccer to actually track puck possession and the location of their possession and not try to find mathematical ways to approximate what can be quantified. What is the point in trying to quantifying something by measuring something else, then trying to infer the meaning out of a mountain of garbage?
Way to keep an open mind, Stephen.

Meaningful analysis can be done (and has been done) - if you want to leave your head in the sand, then by all means - leave your head in the sand. And go ahead and call the work that we do "********" again - that should help.

And before you call this entire subforum "********" again, I'll ask you to read the forum-specific rules:

Pay particular attention to the first one, and thanks for stopping by.

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