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Originally Posted by skorf View Post
Agreed to a certain extent... if we give MacT props for moving Horcoff, Tambi needs props for dumping some of the guys he did, and I completely agree that Tambi was there to stockpile assets, and it wasn't time to make a "Bold" move while he was GM since we weren't ready for it

Tambi did some things well
1) pulled the trigger on coaches who didn't fit
2) stockpiled some nice D prospects (not sure how much is him and how much is the scouts)
3) moved some players that needed to be moved like mentioned above
4) Didn't do anything "Bold" and give us more of a chance last year to make the playoffs (and save his job) but in the long run hurt us in the future.

Didn't do well on others
1) Hired poor coaches
2) Missed on most Forward prospects that weren't drafted round 1, they have not lived up to expectations (again not sure how much is him)
3) kept guys like Horcoff and Hemsky (Hemsky especially) when he could have moved them at trade deadlines... I often wonder if we could have gotten Forseberg for Hemsky, since Washington gave him up for Erat
4) Poor signings (though he may not have had as open of a pocketbook to work with as MacT either)

MacT so far
1) New coach (?) I'm not a huge fan of the hiring but I know a lot of others are, we'll see how it pans out.
2) Draft (?) I love Nurse, but I think we'll all regret passing on Nichuskin very soon (Imagine him on our 3rd line this year) and I think they said that they didn't know who they were going with when they were up, if you're picking #7, you should have a list of 7 guys who you'd want, heck when I do fantasy football and I'm picking 7, I know my first 7 picks... that unpreparedness or "winging" it mentality worries me a bit, but I also really like what he did in the later rounds; but no way to evaluate this for at least two years
3) Trading Horcoff (+) (like moving Moreau), but keeping Hemsky (-)... we'll see what happens the rest of the year
4) Made a "Bold" move getting Perron and signing Ference, will it work out? Likely is the time for us to make a "Bold" move, I'm glad Tambi didn't last year since we weren't ready and selling future parts for the present wouldn't have been a good plan
5) Signings? Will any of them pan out? how many years does Ference have left? In 2-3 years will he even be in our top 6 defense? Will Gordon be the guy we need or the next Belanger (where we really like the signing but it backfires horribly)? Joensuu, Hamilton, Acton, Jones resigned, Grebs, Belov... will any of them be useful signings for us?

-Really hard to compare the 2 right now. Tambi did some things well and others not so well.... we'll not be able to evaluate MacT for a year or 2 since all moves he's made really have ? attached to them.
I actually disagree hard that this was a positive. I advocated that Tambo should be somewhat active on deadline day, trading Whitney/Khabby/maybe even Jones and acquiring a player using one of our 2nd round picks to try and make the playoffs but also grab some assets using useless players.

If I were Tambo on deadline day, I would have dealt Whitney and Khabby, and traded for Torres for ANA's 2nd rounder. Torres would have been a great fit down the stretch and also would have been on our 3rd line possibly today.

Instead, we gambled and lost on Bishop (probably a good thing but Tambo did try to get him), and we grabbed Smithson and tailed it in the standings.

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