Thread: Rumor: Gagner New Captain?
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08-28-2013, 07:00 AM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
Tough year for Gagner haters .... kid puts up an extremely solid (half) season, gets a fat new deal and now maybe the C too.
Watch him really light it up next year with Yak and Perron. I predict crickets on the board.
i predict the other two players will do the real work on the line just like all of Gagner's points in general and you people will bloat him up while he continues to suck at D, faceoffs, and has the hands of a wizard but not enough speed, size or ability to make them worth a crap. he's a vulture and always has been.

this team is just spinning its wheels with bad decisions over and over again. it use to be bad enough where the talent was so D-Class that they had to put them into positions of leadership - offensively, or for morale. now theyre just trying to be cute with crap when they have Hall - a true beast that plays balls out every shift, rips up the opposition and truly stirs the pot for any success...

and they give the C to Ganger based on some flimsy turd arguments of "he is older. he likes the gym. he put up some good vulture points for a month or so. he has a tight GF yo. he fought a dude once or twice where he could of had his face bashed in but guys went easy on him. he put up a bunch of points once in a game."

sick arguments for a team captain.

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