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08-28-2013, 08:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Nac Mac Feegle View Post
If they did, the firing wouldn't have been such a shock to Torts. From interview he had no clue this was coming. If things were said during the season, there would have been at least a hint of foreshadow.
You don't know that. Maybe the problems were discussed, but Torts didn't believe he'd get fired because of them. And who says you can 100% trust what Torts said anyway? We are always getting conflicting reports about what someone said or didn't say.

Some of you guys sound awfully hypocritical saying thing like "if they had found their balls" or calling them gutless cowards, as someone else did. It's real easy to write those things on an internet message board despite not having all the information.

We weren't in the room. We don't know what happened. The bottom line is that Torts is gone and AV is here. Time to move on.

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