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08-28-2013, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Copie View Post
You obviously haven't been to Hong Kong lately where there is a thriving hockey scene with multiple divisions of Men's league, Women's league, Youth leagues and a Pro League on Saturday Nights. There are multiple rinks for hockey (many rinks for figure skating) and there is also Ball Hockey for adult-- with Hong Kong participating in 3 world championships and the youth league features almost 20 International schools. In addition to this there is a thriving Inline scene with divisions catering to every age category and skill set.

Hockey is played by ex-pats and locals in Hong Kong all over the city on ice and ground and most definitely has a presence in Asia. New state of the art ice rinks have just opened in Singapore and Bangkok while tournaments and leagues have been going on in Manilla for over a decade. Beijing and Shanghai have ice hockey leagues as does Macau and Tokyo. Ball hockey is thriving in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, The Philippines, Thailand, Shenzhen (China), Seoul (S Korea) & Singapore. Major tournaments include "The Canton Cup (Asian Championships)" in Hong Kong in every May, "The Mekong Cup" in Phuket, Thailand every March, "The Yamato Cup" in Tokyo, Japan every October and "The Kimchi Cup" in Seoul every October.

NHL games are readily available on the Sports Channels in all major Asian cities with playoffs games found on the TVs in bars in Hong Kong.

But, yea, other than that, Hockey has zero presence in Asia.
I sort of get where the other poster is coming from; the quality of hockey in HK is still very low. But the quantity of players in HK might surprise people who aren't from here.

There are numerous of hockey organizations with youth teams in such a small country, its in fact in the risk of eating itself unfortunately.

There is alot of young kids who want to play but with the limited arenas in the area (due to HUGE costs ... rinks are located in high-end malls and the rinks make most of their money on recreational skating), kids get maybe 2 hours a week of practice, which is obviously nothing.

With more people wanting to play, that 2 hours a week might get even smaller to an hour or less. What HK needs is an ice-facility to up its quality of play. But yes, hockey is here in HK, just not very strong.

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