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08-28-2013, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Vicente View Post
I don't want to offend anyone but to me it seems like Chinese are not really the best guys in any team sports. Ok, they are quite good in basketball but what else comes then? Maybe it's their mentality or the way they are pushed during training. I just don't get why Chinese are so strong in any one-man sports and then in a team they aren't.
It is in the culture. I am not sure about other Asian cultures but the Chinese are not too attracted to full contact sports as it appears dangerous and with no benefit for ones career.

Many Chinese don't see playing hockey or football (American) as a legitimate route to get into schools/colleges or finding a future job. It just isn't in the cards. School scouts don't come here and we don't have high paying leagues like the NHL.

In addition, full contact sports just do not meld with the Chinese character, which is more soft spoken and studious. Chinese put a huge emphasis on education and following rules; being different or adventurous just isn't a cultural thing. That is why our education system is extremely strong (although I will argue they have great grades but innovation is lacking) and we make excellent accountants

So why take a contact sport seriously when it has little benefit for one's career, looks dangerous, and doesn't appeal to the Chinese culture?

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