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08-28-2013, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by topchowda View Post
Im a young guy, I have been at the bar many times and seen Hall there. Doesnt bother me one bit.Id be hypocritical to say that if I was a 20 year old in the NHL I wouldnt be at the bars enjoying myself, because I would. The only thing that got on my nerve was seeing him at a bar after a crappy loss. Just rubbed me the wrong way. But thats neither here nor there.

I dont need guys in the locker room to give a speech like in "any given sunday" I just want a captain that holds people accountable. That wont think twice about calling a teammate out for a bad mistake. I doubt Hall would call out Eberle for fleeing the zone in OT against vancouver with 20 seconds left. But again I dont know if Gagner does this either, just my feeling that he does.

But both of their on ice play are "captain like" Hall will make the big hit/ wont take crap from anyone and gives it his all. Gagner fights when he has to and puts in a great effort even when were getting blown out.

Its also a weird situation to have a captain that is younger than you, who also has holes in his game, to be calling you out. Hall has also been buddy-buddy with most of the core. The guy Id would want to be be captain would be an older guy with some experience. Crosby/Toews were good young captains because they were always serious, even as rookies. Neither strived to be liked, they probaly ticked some vets off, but thats who they were.However I think Landeskog getting the captaincy in Colorado after one year will be a disaster with the older core guys like Duchene/Statsny/EJ. Because Landeskog looks to be a good leader, but not to a toews degree

Nuge would be the darkhouse captain for me. Just a silent leader, serious about hockey at all times focused on winning.

My only hope is that none of the players care to much about getting a letter on their sweater and can just lead by committee. That they are able to self evalute their weakenesses and dont need a captain to straighten them out
For all we know Hall could be taking out his frustration about losing on some girl he met at the bar. It's all part of his healing process and will make the team better...

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