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08-28-2013, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by The Nuge View Post
How do we know that Eakins hasn't done his due diligence with Sam? Maybe he talked to Horcoff, and liked what Horcoff said about Gagner, so he sat down with Gagner to discuss the possibility? The reality is, we don't know what's happened (in regards to who was selected, and how it was done), so its a little early to be saying what a terrible mistake we've made
Seriously a new HC is going to come into camp ready to hand the C out? Oh wait, ready to hand it out 2 weeks ahead of time. I don't buy it, Horcoff's word at this point doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot, truth be told Gagner would probably be a better on ice captain than Horcoff, but that doesn't mean that he should get the C.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Ference has never played a game on the club and should be captain of it?
If he shows up at camp and shows the dedication, leadership, etc. then I wouldn't write him off as a short term C.

In the case of a player like Pronger I consider that. But not for a fairly normal journeyman D that hasn't played here.
Maybe so, but when our leadership has been led by Horcoff, these kids could use a dose of what an actual on ice leader that stands up for his teammates looks like.

RNH? Timing is off, too young imo and we don't know if he even starts the year. I think for this year anyway you want to sound the note of the team jumping out of the gate and everything in place for that. Captain in absentia to start might not be a good strategy.
IMO we could see a revolving C, or maybe have it given out later in the season after it has been earned. I agree that the timing is off to name RNH captain, but IMO this should be seen as a long term thing because as long as Hall is here there will be people that feel that he is the C letter or not.

Originally Posted by Seedling View Post
Pretty much. No way Eakins makes a choice at this point. He is going to want to see the dynamics of all the different team situations and then make a decision. He seems lke a very deliberate man.

I think this might be a case of a blogger getting wind of a rumour that is simply speculation and wanting to be the first one to post it.

A new coach is not going to make this decision before camp IMHO even if he does favor a player more than another, which he has not said boo about to my knowledge.

Welcome to Edmonton coach.
Like I said I think that it's BS, time will tell.

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