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Originally Posted by Bleed Ranger Blue View Post
What are you blabbering on about now? What investment? Hes a mid-late first round draft pick on an entry level deal. You act as if hes the second coming. Hes a prospect trying to find his way in the NHL right now, nothing more, nothing less.

This mentality that undeserving players should be handed top 6 minutes on a silver platter has got to stop. Its embarrassing.
What investment? He is NOT an ordinary generic prospect.
He is way superior speed. We knew that when we drafted him. We did NOT know, as he filled out, if it would be bulk that worked against that speed. We apparently got lucky there.

He also has a great shot which he is developing and improving. Maybe not world class sniper shooting skill, but definitely, obviously a formidable shot.

These assets need be actively recognized, developed carefully and then strategically exploited.

But you would rather just see what happens passively, let the chips fall where they may cause he's just run of the mill. That's really

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