Thread: Rumor: Gagner New Captain?
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08-28-2013, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by cfrancis View Post
Here is the main reason why I don't want Hall captain.

The captain traditionally needs to be the level headed leader on the ice. The "rock" if you will, if the team is shaken or lacking confidence it's the captain that needs to step up and rally the troops.

Hall plays with an intense emotion, he's an emotional player. I LOVE that about him. I don't want to curb that emotion in any way by sticking a "C" on his chest. He plays with an edge and in my mind for him to be the captain he would have to back off that edge a step.

In my opinion, we need Hall going flat out doing what he does best and not worrying about motivating other people.

It's kind of why I was leaning more on Eberle at being the captain because it seems like he has more of that "intellectual" mentality rather than "physical" or "brute" playing style that Hall has. I feel that Eberle could take on the duties as the captain and it wouldn't affect his play at all.
Personal preference I guys. I like a captain that will play with emotion. Hall is already leading the team this way. Very similar to the way Messier did except Messier could throw the odd elbow or spear a guy and get away with it back then.

What Hall did to Clutterbuck....that's what I want to see from my captain as part of his ability. Hall has the skill, desire and push back we have been lacking. I don't want another vanilla captain that is a calm rational guy. I want a change in direction.

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