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08-28-2013, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Time will tell. As to the bold,
1. I dispute the assessment as being true more often than not.
2. To the extent the kid disappointed, it was because he was shackled by an ego driven Torts.

I am not saying, if Kreider had been allowed to play, all things good in the universe would have aligned and there would be no mistakes.

I am saying the smart thing to do was to FIRST not get in his head, then let him play with proper guidance and direction and learn from his mistakes. IMO that did not happen, and that is why Torts will always be wrong on this.

The bigger picture, people is CK is a special talent on a time sensitive ELC.
The dots need to be connected, ASAP, and the coach STILL was adamant about his way.

Bite me, JT, you selfish __________.
Bern, you're so attached to CK it's actually scaring me a bit.

You keep claiming he's special -- define special for me because I can't see what separates him from most hockey players.

Stamkos is special. Malkin is special. Crosby is special.

On our team, despite the numerous 'good' players, there aren't many special players. Lundqvist is a special player.

CK is just another ****ing prospect who, unfortunately, has had people like you make one stupid statement after another. It's reached a point where CK is going to fall short of expectations. And of course, you're naturally going to blame Torts for his shortcomings, instead of looking yourself in the mirror and stating the obvious.

Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
What investment? He is NOT an ordinary generic prospect.
He is way superior speed. We knew that when we drafted him. We did NOT know, as he filled out, if it would be bulk that worked against that speed. We apparently got lucky there.

He also has a great shot which he is developing and improving. Maybe not world class sniper shooting skill, but definitely, obviously a formidable shot.

These assets need be actively recognized, developed carefully and then strategically exploited.

But you would rather just see what happens passively, let the chips fall where they may cause he's just run of the mill. That's really
Speed and a good shot doesn't make you special.
And outside of speed, and a good shot, CK doesn't have much else going for him.

Mentally, he still belongs in the AHL. The NHL game is too quick for him. He's slow to react. That's not Torts's fault. That's not even CK's fault. Nobody's to blame. Players develop differently and CK proved last season that, he wasn't ready for every day NHL action.

Wake up Bern. Wake up.

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