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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger View Post
If a deal doesn't get done before the end of the year, then it will become a public distraction. Reporters will be asking questions--both here and wherever else the Rangers play, there will be articles written and if nothing happens, the drumbeat will be very heavy around the trade deadline. And it will become an international story, thanks to Lundqvist's prominent position in the Olympics (more than half of the available TV sets in Sweden will be watching preliminary games, the number will go up if and when the Swedish National Team get into the medal rounds). Tell me that doesn't fit the defintion of distraction.
Oh yea its a distraction. But its not what it is... its how they deal with it. Look at the best organizations. They know how to deal with it all. And I am sure Dolan didnt spend millions of dollars in media and PR classes for his employees to allow such a small distraction to disturb the organization. I am sure Henrik has seen his fair share of distractions having played in NYC now for 8-9 years, having played for the Olympics twice now in a big hockey country... I am sure hes doing the same thing he does every year... PLAY HOCKEY AND STAY FOCUSED.

I am sure Glenn Sather and his 100 years of hockey experience doesnt even have him blink at such small issues and how the public media views the situation.

Both parties agreed to talk about this NEXT year. Now whether near or at the end of the seasons is not up to me. But it aint happening relatively soon.

They have the money to pay him. They wish to pay him everything he wants It now comes down to whats best for the team...

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