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08-28-2013, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
I feel like I'm running out of movies to watch. Doesn't help that I limit the types of films I like to see. I hate watching depressing and horror movies. I'm running out of good Thrillers, Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi movies to watch.
have you gone through John Carpenter's movies? I was yapping about them earlier and don't mind me if you've watched them all a million times 10 years ago, hahaha.

There's a decent video store a few blocks from me and I go there every now and then to get a bunch of VHS titles that look interesting or fun that I've never heard of and seem to fit into what you're interested in. Finally getting a VCR tomorrow so soon enough I'll be able to watch them. I'll keep this thread posted! Really excited.

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