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Originally Posted by AZflyingPuck View Post
I used to watch it on TV back in the mid 70's. Not sure if I'd be into it now.
What did you like about it back in the mid 70's? It's not the WWF nonsense you saw back then, it's a straight-up, competitive sport.

Originally Posted by MP View Post
The players' nicknames are a kick.
Kimber Slice? HurriCaylen? Hell No Kitty? Sarahcudda?

The name thing is more than a joke ... my friends who skate will literally refer to their "derby identities" in the third person like it's someone else throwing elbows on the track. It's a weird culture, but it's awesome.

Originally Posted by MP View Post
Isn't it a predominantly women's sport to begin with? It seems like every time I stumble on anything to do with roller derby, the players are women.
It's like volleyball or tennis; yes, men play it, but who gives a ****?
Originally Posted by MP View Post
A local women's derby team was handing out flyers at a Coyote game a couple years ago. Anybody else remember that? They were wearing their uniforms and everything. I thought it was cool. My ex, for reasons that never were clear to me, felt disgusted and tried to make fun of it, which was every bit as embarrassing as it sounds.
I've been to 5 Coyotes games and seen 9 or 10 shirts / hoodies from the Arizona Derby Dames league.

If anyone's interested in checking this out sometime, hit me up ... try it, you'll like it ...

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