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08-28-2013, 09:33 PM
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I can see why there would be some anxiety but there should also be excitement at the opportunity to really build a solid and balanced D.

PK- isn't UFA but has been mentioned. Offer Sheets if no deal by years end ? No worries, the teams that get hit with those have either internal cap issues or Cap issues, we will have neither unless MB gets reckless, which he won't. So then we have 2 more years of RFA which we can offer PK more money on those 2 years on a long term deal than he would get just signing for 2. MB will offer him the dough and PK will sign. Besides the money, I think PK likes it here.

Gorges- signed long term.

Markov- Markov loves it here and if we want to keep him we can work out a deal.

Emelin- where it gets tricky. If Emelin had not been injured then I would have been working on an extension now. Defensive D-men get $3.5 ( Grossman ) - $4.5M ( Volchenkov ), though the Cap has gone down. Emelin to me isn't at the top defensively, but he is good, and he has a niche, his hitting. Not only does the man hit, he is a dangerous, heavy, prolific, LEGAL hitter. With the injury if MB waits to see Emelin back for a while to see how he does, Emelin could start getting tempted by the UFA market. Teams would love to have a guy like him. I think you go 4-5 years for about $4.0M a year. We really need this guy, he is unique, just don't know how long you wait to sign him.

Diaz-another tricky one, due to his injury and the time he wasn't playing along with the rust he had coming back. Need to see him play, if he does well it could take $5M a year to sign him.

Cubes- thanks Frankie, but time for us to part.

Murray- he is 33 and don't see how he fits long term, but lets see how he plays and take it from there.

Of the UFAs we need Emelin in my view. I am sentimental about and love Markov so hope he does well this year so that we sign him, couple years would be great. However, if Diaz does well I don't see how we keep Markov with Nathan B coming up.

Do think MB is also open to trading for a top 3 kind of all around minute eating guy like Edler or Coburn, as per the rumours.

I think we are in good shape with the youngsters coming up. For me the big questions swirl around Markov and Diaz, though I think we could work out something with Markov, don't know about Diaz. Also may be a guy MB would be interested in as a UFA for a 4 year deal or so ( my belief is MB is only interested in good quality , younger guys for 3-4-5 year deals ). Anyway, there are questions, but I think we should be excited. This is where MB could really show us what he has and what his vision is.

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