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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
I like Curb Your Enthousiasm better than Sienfeld. Same show just more evolved.

And Family Guy or even Archer (hell I'll even thrown in The Venture Brothers in for good measure) easily beats The Simpsons even though I grew up with it. HM: South Park
Big Fan of Curb. And understand how people would 'rate' it higher, especially since Curb basically broke out the comedy TV show out of the "sitcom" world, aka no fake laughs. Not a fan of Family Guy (was for first 3 seasons, though went downhill afterwards IMO, mostly due to repetitiveness and reaching to far with the randomness).

Not much to say about SP, my favorite TV show of all time though nothing beats golden years of Simpsons. Am a big sucker for anything satire, and my favorite form of entertainment.

Watched some Archer, didn't really find it to be all that is said about it, guessing its a demographic thing.

Originally Posted by dackelljuneaubulis02 View Post
don't think so. some brands might.

i swear it's not hipster bulls#@t. I like the grainy look and they don't get scratched. A lot of these titles, I probably would've never heard of otherwise.

So yeah, complete hipster bulls#@T
Completly understand, i have few friends who are VCR buffs, specifically for certain older movies that were basically done for that type of quality. Not to mention i have recently realized that alot of the older movies on blueray make the "special effects" look really unreal because you were not supposed to see the film in such high quality. The bad quality camouflages the primitive special effects used back then, especially noticeable with blood wounds and such

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