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Originally Posted by Dark Shadows View Post
That's the thing now isn't it. In the regular season, teams keyed in on and focused on Dionne but he managed then.

I do not fault him for not winning a cup with those teams. Nobody could have done that. However, his personal performance
In the regular season he wasn't matched up against the top seeds every time he stepped on to the ice either.

75-76 85 point Kings team loses to the 113 point Bruins.

76-77 85 point Kings team loses to the 106 point Bruins

77-78 77 point Kings team loses to 92 point Toronto.

78-79 80 point Kings team loses to 91 point Rangers.

79-80 74 point Kings team loses to 91 point Islanders.

80-81 99 point Kings team loses to 74 point Rangers. The Kings allow 23 goals in the 4 game sweep. I guess Dionne could have tried playing defense or goal...

81-82 63 point Kings team loses to 77 point Canucks team after knocking off a 111 point Oilers team. Has any other team with a 48 point regular season gap ever won a series? This has to be a record. That is ridiculous.

84-85 82 point Kings team loses to 109 point Oilers dynasty.

86-87 76 point Kings team loses to 100 point Flyers finalist.

So.. outside of 80-81, where their defense gave up 23 goals in 4 games (they were 20th out of 21 in goals against in the regular season as well).. Dionne's teams were the underdog in every series he lost.

And that is with his regular season play getting them the points they did have in their seeding.

His teams were bad in the regular season.

After dropping the even worse teams for the playoffs, the Kings were by and large showing up to a gun fight with a knife. Teams could just focus on him and they were done.

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