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08-29-2013, 10:44 AM
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No doubt the PP is going to be a huge factor this year, as it always seems to be.

Looking back at the playoffs if the Rangers just had an average PP, just average - they would have scored about 3-4 more goals throughout those 2 rounds. They don't go to 7 with Washington if that happens, and they probably don't go down 0-2 to Boston in the second round.

Its that important. It deflated the team so many times and took on a life of its own throughout the year and especially throughout the playoffs.

I think AV needs to focus on just getting this team to realize they don't have to be perfect, or even in the top 3rd of the league, just effective (average). We say it all the time, the Rangers need someone, anyone to get shots to the net on the PP from the point. Whether thats Moore, Richards, McDonagh or someone else, it needs to happen and it needs to happen consistently.

I thought Brassard did some really great things on the half-wall that lead to a lot of PP opportunities and some goals. The way he slides around into open space with the puck opens up a lot of lanes for his teammates. He has a knack for that and I think they should try him on the top unit.

Again, it doesnt have to be sexy it just has to be effective. The difference between a bad PP team and an average one is about 6-9 goals. Spread that out through the course of the year and its a few more Reg wins and more points that could be the difference in seeding or even making the playoffs.

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