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08-29-2013, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Stop it right there.

Anybody on this board would know that GDT's are typically reactionary, frustrated, ranting exchanges where people typically state, restate, reverse their positions on any event happening and in the same game. For instance the guy stating "Why is this guy getting any icetime he sucks, he can't do anything, sit his ass" is then in the 3rd period eating crow pie as the player scores the winning goal. Or not ever seen again here for a few weeks. This is the general quality of information you get here from GDT's magnified several times by the biases towards specific players that some posters use a megaphone and bolded font to repeat here a thousand times.

The Steve Ott gif is probably next to the MacT gif the most viewed and posted gif on this board. Anybody can ask why. But in the Ott video we know certain posters here that have singlehandedly posted that gif probably 50 times each all in the spirit of instilling some kind of myth or generalization re: Gagners play. Its an open attempt at creating a stereotype, a fiction, about the player. This being example of the skewing, of the bias, that takes place here. To gather anything regarding any player from GDT's is like trying to find gold in a steamy outhouse.
I love stirring this pot because besides Dubnyk, I'd say Gagner is one of the most polarizing figures on our team in terms of fan appreciation. Hate him, or love him. So when we talk about Captains and starting goalies it's quite divided.

I agree, GDT's might not have been the best example, however it still doesn't mean Gagner is a good defensive centerman.
Surely even you can't be defending his inability to be stronger in his own end of the zone?

Agree to disagree.

Do I want him captain? No. In my personal opinion, I like teams that have one of their best players (whom have to be mature and vocal) as their captain. I would like a Lidstrom/Sakic/Yzerman/Bourque/Lemieux....meaning, Hall/Eberle at this moment.

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