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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Its not a validly constructed argument when it repeatedly ignores the reality of how incredibly hard it would be to ensure a high pick. There are several other reason to dismiss it as well. That no one has ever done it is not the basis of my counter argument. But you were so focused on being clever with you comments about the invention of the wheel maybe you missed that.
Folks continually leap all over this argument saying it's outcome can't be ensured. Folks never leap all over any other team building strategy that I hear about to say that it's outcome can't be ensured. I hear no one criticizing the plan that we hang onto our guys until the deadline and move them for mid-1sts on the ground that you can't ensure those mid-1sts will even make the NHL, but I think it's just as ripe for criticism on those grounds.

You play the odds. Last year's 12th place team minus arguably it's four best players (Sekera, Pominville, Vanek and Miller) would have pretty good odds of finishing worse. I don't feel like it's "incredibly hard" to predict that.

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