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08-29-2013, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Pressure View Post
I love stirring this pot because besides Dubnyk, I'd say Gagner is one of the most polarizing figures on our team in terms of fan appreciation. Hate him, or love him. So when we talk about Captains and starting goalies it's quite divided.

I agree, GDT's might not have been the best example, however it still doesn't mean Gagner is a good defensive centerman.
Surely even you can't be defending his inability to be stronger in his own end of the zone?

Agree to disagree.

Do I want him captain? No. In my personal opinion, I like teams that have one of their best players (whom have to be mature and vocal) as their captain. I would like a Lidstrom/Sakic/Yzerman/Bourque/Lemieux....meaning, Hall/Eberle at this moment.

Thanks for the reply and acknowledging.

Gagner can't be considered a good defensive center at this point in time but that doesn't occur in a vacuum either. This club, despite their apparent offensive depth struggled mightily to produce last year. Gagner was one of the handful that did produce.
But the lack of offensive production and pressure resulted in the Oil adopting some consistent risk situations that involved massive use of D jumping into the play. Of course all teams utilize this to some degree but with the Oilers excessive. But what one saw if looking for it is RNH, Paajarvi, and Gagner would recognize D pinch and peel back fairly consistently with Gagner doing this several times a game and on some occassions actually making a reasonable to good D type play. (bad ones as well) But thing is when you're back as a forward on an odd man rush upcoming bad things are likely going to happen. People like Staples will attribute an error stat. But meanwhile a guy like Eberle who is the least likely player on this club to get back on time gets no error because he isn't even in the frame of view when a GA occurs. Think about that. Think as well about Omark, who was rarely seen in ownzone in his rookie year, had less errors attributed on such a stat and a good apparent ratio of chances created vs errors. But again David Staples was using a poor metric and Centers being penalized in the error stat on the basis of something like losing a faceoff(which results in an immediate biased per posiition played metric)

What people should focus on is which players are INVOLVED both offensively and defensively and which make efforts on both ends of the ice. Gagner did, and consistently. By doing so he would have exposed some flaws and areas of work. But those being on display because of him playing positionally improved hockey and being in the heat areas in ownzone.

Additionally Gagners pk numbers last year were very good. Really the best on the club. just saying

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