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08-29-2013, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Dorian2 View Post
On ice results are not the only indicator of hard work.

And regarding the Captaincy, there are a hell of a lot of more things that are considered other than on ice performance.

Locker room demeanour
Willingness to improve on and off the ice
Oilers social events
fan relationships and player relations
team building
fairness to other players on the team
taking control of a game in certain situations
due diligence
Doing what the team needs you to do to better the team

(I know someone is going to pick apart this list like a vulture on a rotting corpse, but I forgive you )

Gagner has improved in many area's of his game, on and off the ice, including defense, over the course of his career so far.

You don't seem to want to acknowledge that for some reason though.

The guy has improved many aspects of his game every year he's been an Oiler.
Where did I say that he hasn't improved? Feel free to point that out for me. Now here is how I see it, he still needs a lot of work defensively and on faceoffs. Being a true team guy, wouldn't he be improving in these areas? All of RNH, Hall and Nail made significant strides defensively last season, Eberle was the one guy being considered part of the core that IMO did not besides Gagner. I have no issues with Gagner off the ice, he seems like a nice guy, however the bottom line is that he has not improved important aspects of his game enough at this point for me to consider him the hardest worker on the team or captain material.

Originally Posted by hellacious View Post
He does not want to admit it because it would mean he is wrong. Human nature I suppose.
Yes because my opinion differs from yours I am wrong. I guess his 43% in faceoffs showed great improvement and his - rating. Gagner has room to improve to be a better player if he puts in the work and really wants to improve on D and in the dot. IMO he did take a step forward last season offensively although I guess we'll see how much of that may have been due to a shortened season this season. His offensive numbers should be solid this year, 60 points, maybe more depending on how Perron fits into the team and of course injuries.

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