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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Its not a validly constructed argument when it repeatedly ignores the reality of how incredibly hard it would be to ensure a high pick. There are several other reason to dismiss it as well. That no one has ever done it is not the basis of my counter argument. But you were so focused on being clever with you comments about the invention of the wheel maybe you missed that.
First, the premises aren't required to be true for a valid argument google it.

Second, I'm not surprised you are having a hard time with this when you can't even remember you're response to Jame's original post. Check pg24 9th post up from the bottom.

Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Originally Posted by Jame View Post
sure, what's wrong with suggesting a "Strategy" that's never actually been deployed as a strategy
That point seems to be continually missed
Looks like you agreed with it to me. But, since my response was only based on the fact that I didn't want to be lumped in with the "tank theory" folk (which is why I responded to you in the first place), I won't hold it against you.

Third, you're criticizing me for getting your point wrong (which I didn't) while you miss my point? The post you were quoting did include a section about a wheel. But I guess my cleverness was blowing your mind so hard that you were unable to continue reading to find the part where I specifically mention that the discussion is more detailed than the 'tank theory' gives it credit for.

Originally Posted by Imlach a cup View Post
Either the theory is correct, one of those premises are wrong, or it's a more complicated issue then people are giving it credit for (hint: it's this one)

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