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08-29-2013, 03:18 PM
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He is an NHL player on a losing/non competitive team. He fits nowhere on a playoff team. Maybe, and I mean maybe, he fits somewhere as a third line winger. His ability to play the center position is SUPREMELY overrated.
This is how we know Gagner is good. Nobody says crap like this unless your good.LOL.

Jealous much?

I read a good article about haters that Joe Rogan twitted the other day. The saying haters are gonna hate is true. There is two types of people, there is the people who have a "positive disposition" that are logical and largely productive in the way they live there life and enjoy it. Then you have the negative disposition people who are complacent and very rude and do not like much if anything in this world and overly voice there not very well thought out opinions as fact. I suggest going and reading on anybody that is curious on the psychology of a hater and why they exist. Even haters should go maybe decide to make a life change after reading for the better.