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Originally Posted by Brodie562 View Post
Ok so this might be long. and hopefully not too confusing.

just formed an inline team (my first time playing organized hockey of any kind) and the team is trying to deceive who our captain will be. from the beginning ( us just playing pick up) its been a couple of players (goalkeeper and his cousin: Player A) that have been telling people "you'll be wearing an "A" and such based on im assuming who impressed the week before.

now i really dont mind who the captain is but what i havenít liked is that those 2 players have only talked the talk. when it came down to paper work, gathering funds or just discussing rules (I got into a good discussion with them over hitting. They were encouraging others to hit. I was against it knowing its not allowed in league play and thatís its just not safe seeing as half of our players cant even keep their heads up while skating without the puck) , they were helpless and left things to the deadline . i jumped in and pestered everyone to get our registration money by the due date and signed us up.

well these past couple of weeks a newer more experienced player has joined us (player B). others on the team thought it would be good for him to captain us. well player A got word of this and didnt much like it. from what i gather he believes being captain means coaching and leading on the court. i dont really disagree with that but donít like his lack of knowledge of the rules and organization with the things that REALLY matter for us to play (paper work, jerseys, money, etc.) .

now what id like to know is how should we go about this? I thought it would be cool to have the letters on different players throughout the season (like the Wild in the pre-Koivu days) but others want to vote. is player A right about it being his role? Player B has played for years and has a good idea of how things are run. How did some of your teams pick your captain? Is it the best player with the most hustle and effort?
Like stated above, it's usually the guy who collects the money and deals with the league. They handle the captain's duties with the league, which include payment, jerseys, suspensions, etc.

On ice leadership is different and in beer league you don't really need someone designated in order to 'lead' the team. If a guy is getting upset at not being the captain, then he probably just shouldn't be your captain at all. You want someone who can talk to the referees without turning into an idiot, on the occasion that they need to speak with someone.

As a side note, hitting is illegal in inline, but playing the body isn't. There is a difference between the two things, so if he's talking about using your body then you'd be wise to listen to that advice. If he's talking about hitting someone with an open ice hit, then that's a big mistake and will likely get you tossed or suspended.

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