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08-29-2013, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by hellacious View Post
Why ask a question you already know and has nothing to do with what i said? Not going to play that game with you. He has problems winning faceoffs against cheaters

Oh I see, so Gagner is the only center that gets cheated against and Sam can never cheat himself, gotcha.

The league is cracking down on winning faceoffs with your feet. He has spent the last 4 seasons taking faceoffs against guys he had no business taking faceoff against,
It's the freakin' NHL not Peewee, 6 years to get respectable and he's still not there so the excuses are flying like this is a damn airport.

thanks to Horcoff and Belanger. Just because he took them does not make him bad at faceoffs it means he was thrown into the fire.
Poor Gagner, at 23 or 24 he has to be babysat on the dot until he gets his training wheels off.

Yes I said back checking and it was evident that it improved with numerous takeaways on the back check he even took a few penalty's for someone that is so weak and small. I can recall more then one. But yet you only recall one defensive lapse that happens to every center in the league. Its game of mistakes and his mistakes are not that evident. Him abandoning his position is total BS, He made the NHL because of his positioning and its rather good.
How many of our other players stopped playing while the puck was headed our way? He had more than 1 bad defensive play and apparently people are going to need to start documenting them with video evidence to MAYBE get some of Sam's biggest boosters to admit that he still needs work. Hell I recall RNH getting burned more than once and he is a much better defensive player than Sam. He made the NHL because of good OFFENSIVE positioning and thinking the offensive game at a higher level than most 18 year olds. Couple that with us being starved for offense and you have Gagner's rookie year.

He made mistakes its not any where near a problem area for him. Say what you want the proof is in the pudding.
And what flavor of pudding are you selling? The -6 flavor?

If any of what you say is true he would not be getting paid like he is

You're right, athletes NEVER get overpaid!

he would not be a serious contender for captain,
When has anyone with any kind of credibility said that he is a serious contender for the C?

he would not have lead the team in ice time,
Yes because coaches never have personal favorites that they play more often than other coaches would.....

he would not be getting it on with that hot ass docter,
Docter? I assume you mean his fiancee? From what I did see she is a good looker, good for him. That said have you seen many below average looking women with 20 something millionaires? The kid is already loaded beyond most of our dreams at the ripe old age of 24 or 25, not hard for a kid like that to get attractive looking women. Hopefully she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and they have a long and happy life together.

He would not have so many haters like you.
You're right, the kid is great offensively, defensively, at faceoffs, the best fighter on the team, the smartest guy on the team, the best looking guy on the team, rescues kittens from tall trees and he craps strawberry sherbert. He is a perfect player and human being, how dare I or anyone else criticize any part of his game?

The last one is how know he is good even Gretzky had a **** load of haters as well. People who suck have zero haters and they just suck.
wtf does the bolded even mean? And now we are comparing Gagner to Gretzky? Oh well apparently as good as you think that he is this shouldn't surprise me in the slightest and I suppose I should've seen it coming. As for people who suck having zero "haters" apparently you don't pay much attention to my posting history or this board. Do the names Petersen, Strudwick, Stortini, Foster, O'Sullivan, Cross, etc. ring any bells?

And no I am not saying he is as good as Gretzky just saying he is good. Why is that so hard for you to admit???????????
He is an above average offensive 2nd line center and a below average defensive and faceoff performer for a 2nd line center, why can't you admit this or that he has any weaknesses in his game?

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