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11-13-2006, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Daniel48Briere View Post
Didnt get a chance to go out yesterday, does the Synergy II perform really exactly like a Synergy OPS?
There's a bunch of "synergys" out there:
Synergy 300
Synergy 350
Synergy SL
Synergy SL grip
Synergy SL si-core
Synergy SL si-core grip
Synergy ST
Synergy ST grip
Synergy si-core
Synergy si-core grip
Synergy "silver" (the first Synergy)

some of those are pro models but they're still available to buy.

The Synergy II is basically a Synergy SL with a removeable blade. The SL is the highest performing Synergy but is also the least durable. The Synergy 300/350 are price point sticks that have the "feel" of a brick. The ST is "super-tough" and is more durable but less performing than the SL. The si-core is a vibration dampening system(in the blade), that many argue is just a gimick... I've never used one so I imput any final conclusion on that.

The Synergy II is a tapered shaft which means harder to find and more expensive blades.

The ultralite is lightweight, not expensive, performs well and is quite durable. It accepts standard blades which are easy to find and offer a LOT of choices. My vote is for the ultralite... Odd choice considering I have a synthesis and love it, actually it used to be my favorite stick.

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