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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
No. I think he was second guessing himself constantly that's and so it looked like he was moving in slow motion sometimes.
Yeah, but WHY was he second guessing himself? Never had to previously.
Because Torts was attempting to force him to do things in a rigid way.

But I don't see that as a Torts problem, as he was hardly firing on cylinders in his previous ~20 AHL games.
The AHL is a different issue, and as RangerBoy noted, he had -- whatever he said in the post --- I think it was actual bone chips instead of a bone bruise, or something like that, and he attempted to play through that to some degree.
One last time; Torts made Kreider second guess himself. That is on JT.

Moving him up to better lines because he's struggling is an example of putting Kreider's needs over the needs of the team.
Respectfully disagree.
You move him up to better lines because it is the fastest way to accelerate development of Kreider in the shortest period of time. Yes, he will make mistakes, but he will improve with enough minutes.

Do you serious believe that Tortorella was looking to embarrass Kreider?
Torts, IMO, would look to steamroll anyone not 1,000% on his page.
It's one thing when that player is a f-up like Avery.
It's another thing when it's a gifted prospect who has minimal pro experience, and on strength of raw talent alone, and not pro technique, was able to previously excel. Now he has to learn technique, and make his talent work within that. Fine. But don't go up his head and make him second guess about if each and every single frame of his motion is complying with proper technique.

So yeah, and good bye to the control freak.

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