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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
Well I followed Twitter like a stalker for word of the opening of Yahoo Fantasy Hockey Registration and it's finally that time again. I've sent out an invitation to all the owners from this last season. Follow the link and you're team will be reactivated and the players you drafted or added will be returned to your roster. I will work with the keeper system a bit before I give a definitive answer of how the process will work.

But first things first, we need to fill the league. I will be able to confirm your activity just through your reactivation of your team but as a formality, I'd still like an official roll call to take place before we begin the keeper selection process.

Also, from now until the puck drops on opening night we will use this particular thread as an open forum to discuss and enact changes to the league's rules and procedures. As long as they're reasonable, changes will be made. What cannot be changed is the league size. That much is certain. An expansion draft would either work the way it does in the NHL and is not fair to the joining teams, or we redraft completely, which ruins the entire point of last season's activities. One of the topics I'd like to cover is whether we draft as soon as we're ready or if we wait until after training camps resume.

Also, I'm multitasking at the moment, but I'd like to know who the owner of Ilya Kovalchuk was. There will have to be some form of compensation for that. That pick was a major investment and his departure was unprecedented when you take the length of the contract he signed with New Jersey into account.
Edit: it's notification by email. All signed up

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