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08-29-2013, 11:01 PM
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Originally Posted by thk25 View Post
I would add that if you want to get anything done by Ruberti's go through Johnny. If not you are rolling the dice and will probably get something totally wrong.
I am the Johnny this man speaks of. I'm happy to help anyone, so hit me up on here or IJ and I'll respond, albeit slowly half the time lol.

Originally Posted by flountown View Post
As you are new, take my recommendation, stop stockpiling and start getting them customized. I still have about 4-5 different jerseys I want to get done, but I always put them off because I would spend the money to customize on a SUPER GREAT DEAL GIMME type auctions and craigslist finds. Force yourself to never have more than 2 to get customized and go from there as opposed to accumulating projects. As of now, I currently have the following projects:

Keith Primeau - 2004 Black
Mark Howe w/ Lindbergh patch
Danny Briere 2010 SCF Edge 1.0
Theo Fluery Belfast Giants
Chris Pronger 2007 SCF Black Ducks
Rod Brind'Amour 2006 SCF White (Although I really want to find the red, but it's effin impossible to find 6100's it seems.)
Papelbon Cream jersey, was originally worn by a base coach so the 58 is already there, need to finish stripping it and get the name off.
Ninja Edit: Also have a Winter Classic jersey that I am still deciding on who to turn it into, will likely go Giroux.

See how that all adds up? It is frustrating.
This man speaks the truth. I have like...30ish blanks and around 8 kits I'm too lazy to send to my pal to do up. I'm back-logged like whoa.

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