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Originally Posted by Zil View Post

- His AHL performance picked up markedly when he got sent down after his first stint with the Rangers.

- When Kreider got called back up after being sent down his play was much better, including lots of shots on goal and generally looking more assertive.

- Tortorella's usage of Kreider from his second call-up forward was completely indefensible. If Torts felt Kreider still wasn't ready and needed more seasoning, then he could've left him in the AHL to continue to consolidate his good play and build his confidence. If Torts felt Kreider was capable of contributing, then he could've given Kreider 10-15 minutes a night in the top nine. Instead, Tortorella decided to yank Kreider in and out of the lineup while playing him four minutes a night with fourth line scrubs. On the rare night when Kreider got a chance in the top nine, Torts would decide to dump him right back down on the fourth line after one or two shifts (like in Montreal).
1. What does his AHL performance have to do with anything? How does that help the Rangers? If anything, it shows he belonged there last year (will address in #3).

2. I actually somewhat agree with you here. Although I'd categorize Kreider's first stint as embarrassingly bad and his second stint as borderline bad. Still not nearly enough to sway my opinion that, overall, he sucked last season.

3. Here is where you really go down the rabbit hole. Tortorella had said, repeatedly, that hes not very much involved in AHL call-ups. He also said, repeatedly, that Kreider needed to learn a lot about what its like to be a pro. Its not a big jump at all to surmise that Glen Sather and management were the architects for that move - and it highlights a couple of massive blunders - overvaluing Kreider's worth at the time, which a lot of fans have done as well...and, more importantly, the the fact that Sather built a roster so thin on depth that Kreider needed to be yanked up to the big club once again when he should've been continuing to build confidence in the AHL.

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