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08-30-2013, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Darth Yoda View Post
Of course it was an upset, but of which magnitude?

This was another great top 6:


They also had depth in McInnis, Brian Mullen and Tom Fitzgerald, not to mention the legendary David Volek.

They had defensemen like Malakhov, Norton, Krupp, Kurvers, Kasparaitis and Lachance.

Glenn Healy had his moments and if this team plays at its best it is a really, really good team.
the forwards, meh. a group of career second liners playing above themselves; not an all-star group (not counting the injured turgeon), not even a "surprisingly solid group," but also not a weak group or a group too uncompetitive to pull off an upset, even of a juggernaut.

beyond the big five guys up front, with all of them except maybe hogue playing the best hockey of their entire lives, brian mullen on his last legs joined the top six after turgeon went down, tom fitzgerald was entering his two way prime, and travis green provided youthful energy and sandpaper. but again, aging veteran subs in for injured star and pots a few in one last playoff run, young two-way guy announces his future as third line playoff beast, and rookie winger provides a spark... happens every spring. the only surprising thing was that brian mullen outscored his brother in that series.

but that upset hinged on two things, and neither were the career performances of thomas and ferraro, which yeah were awesome. that was an enigmatic defense group if i ever saw one, and i don't know how arbour did it, but that d-corps ran seven deep (lachance was injured all spring), and he shuffled them around to got the most out of all of them... but to have two of malakhov, kurvers, and norton contributing at all times and not being liabilities, that's once in a blue moon. maybe once in a lifetime. krupp had a breakthrough performance, pilon emerged as a big scary face-wrecking dude, and kaspar had a norris performance. kaspar's performance in game six won that series. just like the 2011 finals were over when marchand kept punching daniel sedin in the face at the end of game six and no one (not teammates, not refs) did anything about it.

i still have no idea who dennis vaske is though.

also, glenn healy had the series of his life. sometimes that happens with goalies, even goalies as mediocre as healy, but what is truly amazing is that it happened with an entire d corps, just completely and totally overachieving. al arbour's last hurrah.

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