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08-30-2013, 11:13 AM
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Im not convinced that Beck is second line material at this point but for sure he deserves to be on the big team. The big problem is that as fans accept that Beck could play 2nd line for us right now. The same should be said for Borque they are still young guys and would be better suited for a year on a NHL 3rd line. But out of necessity we must hope they play a line or two above there current level and be successful at it. his is the sole reason Latendresse would be a no brainer, he has the top 6 experience and there is potential he could have a good year. He cold be signed for mil, at this point the team is overpaying a number of players compared to what they are worth. Something has to happen soon especially in the back-up goalie area. Most of us are scratching our heads wondering what this team will look like in 4 weeks. The team is marginally better at best over last years squad. Hopefully there will not be as many injuries as last year but there will be injuries, there always are. DP needs to find a couple bargin deals.

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