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08-30-2013, 11:20 AM
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Yeah he can make it, look at who they invited to camp... Loungo, Price, Smith, Crawford, and Holtby (that's from the top of my head, I hope I got it right).

Other then maybe Loungo... no one is a superstar (and Loungo being a superstar is questionable). Craig Anderson has played his way into team USA talk with solid play and they have several elite goalies, Dubnyk definitely could here too.

Is Dubnyk really that far behind guys like Price, Smith, Crawford, Holtby, Brodeur, Fleury, or Ward?

Loungo is a near lock since he was the starter for half the tournament last time and is really the only goalie with Olympic experience... but who knows how he'll play after their "fun" this offseason in Vancouver

Price probably will make it, since he's been considered Canada's "goalie of the future" even if he hasn't shown much the past few years, but like someone said, it's an "old boys club" and they like to ride certain players for better or worse (that's why Nash and Staal are locks to the team IMO)

Smith didn't have a very good year last year, if Dubnyk plays better and Smith the same... Dubs could definitely pass him.

Crawford had a good run but it's not like he's a proven goalie, if Dubs outplays him then he could easily get the nod ahead of him.

Holtby, I think he's the only other realistic young goalie out there other then Price, I think he's mostly invited to get some experience... if Price falters and Holtby plays well then they may take Holtby over Price. But Dubnyk is just as good as Holtby and a good start by Dubs he'd leapfrog Holtby.

Brodeur, he hasn't looked as good the past few years and isn't an elite goalie anymore... I doubt they'd bring him along unless they think he's one of their top 2 guys which won't happen unless he has an amazing first half or maybe if Loungo gets injured or has a HORRIBLE first half, just for the experience factor (why bring Brodeur as your #3 and have Loungo as #1/#2, both won't be there in 2018, and I would assume they want to have 2 goalies with some Olympic experience, if you have only one and they pull a Fleury or get injured... you could then fly into an Olympics with zero Olympics experience in goal which could be a killer).

Fleury, people complain about weak goals and Dubnyk, lol at Fleury... and he's choked the last couple years for lack of a better term in the playoffs... not sure if hockey Canada would risk him at goalie. And again if Dubnyk outplays Fleury which is very likely, Dubs gets the nod.

Ward, he didn't get the invite to hockey Canada (just like Dubs), but he's struggled with injuries and consistency as of late, if Dubs outplays Ward then he easily goes over Ward.

I think right now the pecking order is
Loungo>>>>Price>>> Crawford> Smith > Holtby = Ward = Dubnyk = Fleury= Mason or even Emery= Reimer = Bernier > Brodeur
he's got some work to do and the odds are against him, but other then Loungo, I don't see a goalie there that's guaranteed to be ahead of Dubnyk if he has a great start to the year (top 5 goalie start not the unrealistic sub 2.00 GAA, 950 sv% start, but a 930 sv%, 2.30 GAA start could easily get him in unless several Canadian goalies were playing like that)

-It's not like he has to beat out an in their prime Roy/Brodeur combo or something (sad that the Americans #5 goalie (Quick, Anderson, Miller, Howard, Schneider) IMO Schnedier beat out our presumed #1 in Loungo for the starting job in Vancouver) could very well be Canada's starter, we are that weak)... Dubnyk's got a chance since there are likely 4-6 other countries who will be projected to have better goalie play then Canada at the Olympics
Russia Bobrovsky
Americans Quick, Anderson, Howard, Miller, Schneider
Finland Rask, Niemi, Rinne, Backstrom, Lehtonen
Sweden Lundqvist, Fasth
Slovak Halak,
Swiss Hiller

-Someone was mentioning Justin Schultz and maybe playing his way onto the team... I would say there's no chance of that because of his defensive liabilities (Dubnyk has 50x the chance that Schultz has). In 2010 they didn't take Mike Green, and he was the best offensive defenseman in the world at the time. This year, Letang and Subban may not go because of not being solid enough defensively. Now if the reigning Norris winner and a finalist several times (and their both arguably the second best offensive defenseman in the world after Karlsson) are on the roster bubble because of defensive issues, no way could Schultz play his way onto the team with only his offense. He'd have to have HUGE defensive strides if he wants a chance to make the team, and I don't think it's possible for him to make that big of a change by then (and to have Hockey Canada's brass take notice as well). And really Letang and Subban are both better defensively then Schultz is right now as well and may not go

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