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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Its a QB, the league has a stated missive to crack down on any and all fouls on a QB in order to protect the QB. Even the most innocuous things have been called. So Reilly has the ball, all eyes are on him, its imperative that one official is eyeing the QB (otherwise how do you comply with the league missive) especially when he possesses the ball. Weldon comes in blindside(how can any official not see that one coming and lookout) and delivers a textbook headshot which is EXACTLY the type of thing the CFL has wanted to eliminate especially as it pertains to QB's being the victim.

If you're a CFL official I can't even explain how they wouldn't (at least one of them) be looking directly at the QB, god forbid if they were looking and somehow missed it.

It was an absolute joke of a non call. Of the three blind mice variety where you wonder if they're checking out the cheerleaders instead..

Not to mention having a direct effect on the outcome of the game. A 3 point spread at the time, the ball would have moved into Rider territory with about a minute to go. I think the chances of it being tied and going to OT at the very least would have been pretty good at that point. I know a lot of the Eskimos were very upset about the non-call. If this was one of a very few bad calls this year, it could be looked as a one off, but it seems it is ongoing and a real problem.

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