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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
My son just started college and each of his 3 core courses' books were >$120. We found on the college bookstore's site a second-hand option, which showed a saving of around $30 each, so we ordered them with credit card. My son showed up 2 days later to pick them up, only to be given brand-new textbooks at the brand-new price that had been applied to the credit card. No contact from them to indicate the change, despite them having our phone number and e-mail address.

To put it lightly, we weren't pleased. Getting ready to go to battle with the bookstore.

The textbook thing really is a racket. It was when I went to university 100 years ago and it continues to be.
Anyone that waste money buying books from the school bookstore is an absolute fool and you deserve to be charged an arm and a leg. Go to Amazon. Search their site. You can buy used new or international editions, which are the same thing just not in color for so much less. Then you can sell them after the semester for a hell of a lot more then the ****** bookstore will give you.

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