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Originally Posted by Schenntacular Duo View Post
Anyone that waste money buying books from the school bookstore is an absolute fool and you deserve to be charged an arm and a leg. Go to Amazon. Search their site. You can buy used new or international editions, which are the same thing just not in color for so much less. Then you can sell them after the semester for a hell of a lot more then the ****** bookstore will give you.
While that works at some universities, others you must get the books from the bookstore as the professors/department heads write their own books. 8 of my Comp Sci books were written by the cs head, while 5 of my finance books were written by the finance chair head. In fact if the **** hole known as reddit is any indication, from the front pages there it seems like this is now becoming a major trend throughout the US.

Though don't let me get in the way of your victim blaming. Keep it up, yo.

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