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After high school, I played for several mens league teams. Whatever teams needed players, sometimes playing for two different teams.

Only one team did not like me out of all these teams I played for. I bring this up, because I actually played Open Hockey with one of the guys on that team a little while ago so memories are fresh lol.

Half of the team liked me and my style. The other half of the team, many of who will consider themselves bad (including this guy I ran into the other day) would always say I never passed the puck.

Ironic thing to say I think because the two seasons I was with them, I had more than 1 assist per game and was one of the league leaders in assists. Anyway, not to toot my horn but its true.

And I can recall a few dozen times where I would dish it off to these guys for an open knock in and they would miss the wide open net. They would not remember those times... but they of course remembered the 1x I shot the puck on a two on one.

That team was the worst team I played for. And it wasnt necessarily because of skill. It was because of half of the team always complaining about one thing or the other... Why does this guy stay on the ice too much. Why does this guy not pass the puck...

I had the captain come up to me (others too) on a few occassions and say hey, idc and not to be a **** but a lot of guys are complaining that your not passing enough... I know you are passing, but they want to see more of it.

I literally spent many games, not caring about shooting the puck at all unless I was on a breakaway but rather wait for players and pass it. And yet I guess they stuck to their mindset that even in those games (where I would get 2 assists, and almost 3 more if they didnt miss a shot) they still would call me out on every little thing...

I am sorry for the novel of a simple comment but there is a point to this story.
My point is that there are a hundred and one things I could say about the next guy. How he doesnt back check, how he glides on the ice. HOW I DONT GET THE PUCK WHEN IM OPEN. How you give the puck up. How you dump the puck 10000x a game rather than make a simple pass to me or the next guy to have possession rather than a turnover and etc etc etc...

But I dont. I let you play your game and so you play mine. If I dont pass, there is a reason why I didnt. Whether its because I was off-balance, or I saw a higher chance of scoring a goal...

or heck its freaking open hockey and after passing 10x to you and others, I want my own shot too.

Granted, there are times you can talk to players about what to do or not to do and how to improve or tell him what your thinking. Thats what my new team does and though we are not the best skilled team Ive been on, we have won championship, and been 1st place in 2/2 years because guys do not complain and just do whats right as good teammates!

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