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Cornell's definitely got a better top pair and I think we can leave it at that.

For second pairs, I think St. Louis's Jarrett-Letang pair has the advantage.

Jarrett and Beauchemin are both defensive defenseman, but I think Jarrett has the edge.

A few people questioned how much defense Ronan played and based on what I read in Trail, I think he's much more valuable at center than defense.
Originally Posted by Trail of the Stanley Cup, Vol. 1
Skene Ronan started as a defence player with Toronto of the OPHL. When Newsy Lalonde was out of action for awhile, Skene was moved up to centre but for some reason his potential at this position was not recognized. He played defence with Art Ross at Haileybury and when they dropped from the NHA he played a few games at rover for Renfrew. He still had not shown anything that marked him as out of the ordinary.

When the Creamery Kings dropped from the league, the other teams drew lots for the Renfrew players...The end result was that....Ronan remained with Ottawa.

With Ridpath gone, Marty Walsh did not seem so good at centre this year and Ronan was given the chance to play with Jack Darragh and Dubbie Kerr. The result was that another star was born and the lightly regarded former defence player proved the best centre in the league.
From there on it talks about his scoring at center and different linemates. He doesn't seem to have played defence after his first two seasons, and he didn't do anything remarkable until moving to centre.

Letang with his brief career has played more defense than Ronan did, and accomplished more as a defenseman than Ronan did. I think St. Louis has the superior second pair.

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