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Originally Posted by JCrusty View Post
DZ gets fed PPT because that's the role he needs to excel at. Stralman isn't the same type of player. Besides, our power play isn't really anything to write home about.

I would have neither on the ice with a minute left. The notion there is that Stralman is better defensively and while I agree with that, it's only by the slightest of margins. DZ makes some stupid and weird plays on odd man rushes and in tight situations that makes you wonder sometimes but the mistakes Stralman makes are overlooked way more often than Del Zaster's. Also, DZ plays against lines that are meant to generate offense and DZ gets more ice time against those offensively minded lines. I'm pretty sure our bottom 6 guys last year would make 3rd pairing guys in Tampa look good.

I like Stralman, don't get me wrong. I think he's great and I even started the player discussion thread for Anton a while back to point out his value and how he's flying under the radar both in value and in terms of not being involved in a defensive lapse. Ironically, I think I pushed the first domino on voicing The Great Anton Campaign.

I just think there's a lot of cognitively fallacious things happening. DZ is THAT GUY, DEL ZASTER and Stralman is literally the opposite, the underdog, the dark horse, the unnoticed defender of the team. Like a classroom of children who are all noisy at one point or another but only THAT ONE KID gets called out by the teacher because of his reputation and record (which are somewhat unjust to begin with). Anton has been the kid that hands in his homework on time and stays out of trouble.
Funny story about that, in high school I was BOTH of those kids.

But I think the idea that Del Zotto gets "called out" while Stralman just shows up, plays, and goes home without a peep has alot of merit. I think it's primarily because of the players they are. Del Zotto is flashy and can skate through a whole team on his way down the ice. He takes risks and as such is prone to do things that make you punch holes in the wall. Stralman is the opposite. He won't knock you over but he also doesn't do anything really asinine.

In their positions, bottom 4 defenders, I usually go for the more quiet responsible type. I usually go for the flash, but for the risks Del Zotto takes, I'd like to see him take it to that next level. To be that Dan Boyle or Keith Yandle. Right now Del Zotto is kind of stuck in the middle. He's always playing out of the box like an offensive D should, but he's not quite producing at an elite level yet. He can still get there, and I'd love to see him get there. As of now, I trust Stralman's steady game more.

And like I said, more even powerplay time on the blueline is less of a reflection on Del Zotto than it is something I think could benefit the team as a whole. I think we get a bit stale and predictable on the PP with the constant use of Richards And Del Zotto. And whenever we do get a reprieve from those two it comes in the form of Girardi missing the net by 30 feet. I think Stralman and McDonagh have the skill to be mixed in there more and give us a different look.

And I'm never gonna stop bullying Del Zotto. We're both young Italian kids, that's what we do


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